THE FACILITY offers hands-on access to state of the art computer controlled prototyping and fabrication technology like CNC enabled mills as well as the more traditional fabrication equipment found in metal shops and woodshops, not to mention our Rapid Proto Lab with laser cutters and a variety of 3D printers as well as our fully equipped composites lab. From welding rigs to ratchet sets, it is all here and we are working as quickly as possible to make it all available directly to you.

Check out our shop/lab areas below and imagine what you could create.

If you’re a Member all our general shop equipment is complementary. Get cleared, settle up, and go to work. This equipment is also available to our guests who have paid a Cover Charge.

For the most popular high-end equipment, above, you can avoid the lineup and reserve your time in advance. With reservations you only pay for the equipment you need when you need it. There’s no membership or long-term commitment required.