1- hour TOUR

Welcome to The Facility! Join a guided public tour, we’re looking forward to showing you around.
We offer a tour every Tuesday at 6.00p and the second Saturday of each month at 1.00p.
This is the best way to get introduced to The Facility and learn about current and upcoming opportunities. The tour is free and there is typically time during the tour, or at the end, to discuss your needs and explore how being a part of The Facility can move you forward. Please use the button below and schedule a slot so we know you’re coming. We’re excited to see you. For SAFETY please wear closed toed shoes and make sure your legs are covered.

Schedule a Tour

If you’re looking for a group tour or can’t make it to one of our regularly scheduled public tours contact us and we’ll do the best we can to find a time when you can come in and explore the space.




90- second OVERVIEW

Take a look at our floor-plan and right away you can see that, at 11,000sf and over $2,000,000 in curated equipment, The Facility is not your typical makerspace. Explore the areas open to you and imagine what you could accomplish in a space like this.