It would be reasonable to claim that this entire shop is flex space. We have a lot of equipment packed in here and much of it requires some setup to use. However, the area directly inside our roll-up garage door is intentionally kept as clear as possible for deliveries, large scale projects, and other temporary setups.

For now the priority equipment in the Flex Space is our MIG welding rigs and the fabrication tables that go along with them. When we run Alchemy Moto classes they also happen in this space.

Be aware that the Flex Space is a muli-use area. If you need to use the space, whether it’s a welding fixture or a large assembly project, please let us know well in advance so we can do our best have the space ready for you.

– Welding Rigs
– Fabrication Tables
– Kilns
– Large Format Workspace
– Garage Door Access
– Class and Demo

01 Get Cleared
To use equipment in the Flex Space you will need to take an Orientation or pass a Checkout. If you are new to this equipment, here are some of our upcoming Orientations.

If you already have experience with equipment listed in the Flex Space, schedule a Checkout and get right to work. Use the button below to let us know what you are interested in. We’ll work to get you checked out on supported equipment as quickly as possible. Checkouts typically take about 20 minutes. We’ll share our shop safety requirements, you can show us what you know, and then you can get right to work. Note that restrictions will remain on any equipment you do not have experience with.


02 Settle Up
Welding equipment has priority in the Flex Space. Book your time in advance by clicking on the welder image below and making a reservation.

General use of the Flex Space is complementary for Members. Check out our membership options.

You can also schedule time in the Flex Space with an hourly Cover Charge.

Cover Charge

Note that classes and welding reservations have priority in the Flex Space. Outside of these uses, the Flex Space is first come, first served. Typically there is plenty of room for you to work.