Want to pick up a brand new skill set?

Whether you’re jumping into something new or getting a refresher on a skill set you haven’t practiced for awhile, we offer Safety and Basic Use (SBU) Orientations to get you cleared before getting to work. Our 2-hour orientations are designed to get you safely operating equipment as quickly as possible with small class sizes and a regular schedule rotation. Take a look at your options above and get up to speed in no time.

Have you already mastered a supported skill set?

Schedule a checkout and get right to work on any equipment The Facility supports. Our Safety and Basic Use (SBU) Checkouts include a brief orientation to our specific shop safety requirements followed by an opportunity for you to demonstrate what you know. Checkouts are complementary for members and available at no charge if you’ve booked a Tool Reservation or a Cover Charge.

Schedule a Checkout

Looking for flexibility and personal attention?

If you want the kind of one-on-one experience not available through group classes ask about Personal Training. We are building a roster of trainers to offer Personal Training for users of almost all skill levels. We’ll do our best to set you up instructors and tailor a program that fits your particular needs and progresses at your own pace. Checkouts are completed as you move forward.

Time to dig deeper?

Look for our upcoming Intensives to push yourself forward. While Orientations and Checkouts are vetting classes designed to give you just what you need to work safely in the makerspace, our Intensives provide a wide variety of options. Our Introduction classes, like Orientations, are 2-hours long but focus on the theory behind specific tools rather than equipment operation. Our Workshops are hands-on classes that follow any number of formats from 2-hours to 8-weeks or more.