CNC Router Orientation | JUN 22


NEXT CLASS Wednesday, June 22
6.00p to 8.00p


This orientation clears you for independent access to our CNC Router.

Do you want to shape foam, wood, and other soft materials with high repeatability and computer accuracy? Maybe you want to explore how to bring your digital CAD models into the real world or experiment with using CNC technology to create molds or other tooling?

If you want to jump into CNC driven technology this hands-on training is a great place to start. Our Basic Equipment Operation (BEO) Orientation provides everything you need to know to get up and running on your own projects. This 2-hour orientation covers fundamental skills and successful practices while you learn how to prepare your files and operate the equipment correctly and safely. You will walk away with an efficient workflow that enables you to turn your design into toolpaths, set up your work for processing, and reset equipment to its original conditions for the next user. It is designed to provide the core knowledge you need to work independently while you build your confidence and experience.

There are no prerequisites for this orientation.


INSTRUCTOR // David Voetmann

David, a lifelong designer and maker, spent his childhood in Africa. This formative experience instilled a conviction that it’s better to create your own solutions than to wait around hoping someone else will solve your problems. To this end, he earned a BFA in Industrial Design at the University of Washington. This study deepened an enduring conviction that solving problems and making things is deeply coded into our humanity. Over the last few years he has explored the transformation of our economy as new technologies begin to democratize opportunity. He now runs The Facility Makerspace where ordinary people with extraordinary ideas gain access to an 11,000sf sandbox for innovation with all the tools, training, and community people need to turn thoughts into things. He still believes that, while technology is great, we need to focus on solutions not tools.

David lives in Shoreline with his wife Ruth.


The CNC router is an amazing new addition to traditional woodworking equipment. This tool couples the versatility of the router with the accuracy, repeatability, and safety of a computer driven mill. Whether you are processing sheet stock, milling tooling, or making organic 2.5D parts you will be blown away by what this machine can accomplish with a basic understanding of straightforward software.

CNC equipment pulls your ideas through the digital world into the real world and this process requires a relatively demanding multi-step workflow. In this 2-hour class, we provide a crash course that walks you through the full arc of this workflow. You will gain the knowledge and confidence to prepare your digital design files, set them up in V-Carve design software, output G-Code to run in Mach3, fixture your material on the CNC Router, synchronize your digital model with your real world material, process appropriate material safely, and troubleshoot typical issues. You will find that, with a little diligence and experience, you’ll become comfortable moving from one program to the next as you bring your digital projects to life. By the end of the orientation you will be able to independently run the CNC Router smoothly and safely.

After a short classroom introduction, this orientation migrates between the design lab and the shop floor. In the design lab you will learn how to convert your project into toolpaths and generate the g-code that runs the router. We will also discuss design considerations so you can design to process. On the shop floor your instructor will explain how the equipment works, familiarize you with essential terminology, introduce the software that drives the router, and demonstrate appropriate equipment operation. You will learn how to run the controller, set up appropriate material, and connect the digital world of bits to the real world of atoms. You will develop a working understanding of the benefits and limitations of this tool along with covering best practices including how to set up your work and reset equipment to its original conditions for the next user.

This is a hands-on training. You will have time during class to create a finished object that demonstrates your understanding of the process and your ability to safely operate this equipment.

Pass this orientation, or a checkout, and you’ll walk away with access privileges to independently operate our CNC router. This class is also a prerequisite for our upcoming Advanced CNC Mill training.

-4’x8′ AVID CNC Router

– V-Carve
– Mach 3

Please bring your own thumb drive

-Eye protection
-Closed-toed shoes
-Tie back long hair
-No gloves of any kind
-No loose fitting clothing
-Remove rings and all dangling jewelry


In response to the ongoing pandemic Edmonds College is now a vaccinated campus. The Facility is requiring all in person participants to be fully vaccinated. After your visit, if you have a positive COVID-19 test please USE OUR CONFIDENTIAL LINK to make a report for contact tracing. Masks are now optional on site. Thank you for helping to keep this community safe.

If this is your first class at The Facility please arrive 15 minutes early for a short safety briefing and some paperwork.

Orientations start promptly at 6.00p.

This Orientation prepares you to safely perform basic operations on supported equipment. It is not intended to cover design concepts or comprehensive operation of this equipment. If you are interested in learning more about design or advanced equipment operation look for additional upcoming classes.

BEO Orientations at The Facility are open to anyone over 18 years old. Please feel free to pass this invitation on to others. Minimum enrollment of 5 people is required to hold the orientation.


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