Manual Mill Orientation | JUL 20


NEXT CLASS Wednesday, July 20
6.00p to 8.00p


This orientation clears you for independent manual operation of our Machine Mills to cut aluminum.

Do you want shape plastic and metal with tight tolerances? Maybe you are looking to gain quick practical knowledge of machine technology?

While typically used to mill flat surfaces, our knee mill is capable of machining complex irregular surfaces in 2.5D to bring your design to life.

If you want to dive into machine technology, manual mill operation is an excellent place to begin. Our Basic Equipment Operation (BEO) Orientation provides everything you need to know to get up and running on your own projects. This 2-hour orientation covers fundamental operations and successful practices while you learn how to use machine equipment correctly. You will walk away with a working understanding of how a mill does its job, how to set up your work holding, how to use basic operations to produce detailed parts, and how to reset equipment to its original conditions for the next user. It is designed to provide the core knowledge you need to work safely and independently while you build your confidence and experience.

There are no prerequisites for this orientation.

Note: this orientation clears you to cut aluminum. If you want to level up to cutting other materials this orientation is a prerequisite for our Machine Tech Feeds and Speeds Intensive. Also, our knee mill has been retrofitted to be CNC enabled so you can run conversational operations as well as g-code produced in CAM software. Look for upcoming classes on these topics.

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INSTRUCTOR // Don Trettin

Don grew up in a family of artists and engineers. His first career was in the machine shop where he learned how to run lathes and mills before the days of CNC machines.  He became interested in composites and went back to school to study ceramic engineering with the goal of working with composites.  This led to a second career in the transportation industry working with composites and structural adhesives.  Now he uses his creative upbringing combined with his machining experience and engineering background to help others develop their skills.

Don lives on Camano Island with his wife Flora.

Milling is one of the most commonly used processes for machining custom parts to precise tolerances. Whether you are finish facing a cast part or shaping a prototype, the ability to operate a lathe correctly and safely is an invaluable addition to your skillset.

Milling is a cutting process using a rotary cutter (mill) to remove material being fed laterally across the surface of a workpiece. In this 2-hour class, you will learn how this simple premise enables you to create an amazing variety of parts. You will walk away with the ability to safely process appropriate material and produce your own projects on our Accu II Victor Machine Lathe.

Welcome to our brand-new Machine Tech program. After a short classroom introduction, this orientation moves to the machine shop where your instructor will explain how the equipment works, familiarize you with essential terminology, introduce you to various endmills, and demonstrate appropriate equipment operation. You will learn how to set up appropriate material and run essential mill operations including facing, pocketing, slotting, chamfering, and drilling. You will develop a working understanding of the benefits and limitations of this tool so you can design to this process. Your instructor will cover best practices including how to set up your work and reset equipment to original conditions for the next user. Along the way you will gain the knowledge and confidence to process appropriate material safely and troubleshoot typical issues.

This is a hands-on training. You will have time during class to create a finished object to your instructor’s specification that demonstrates your understanding of the process and your ability to safely operate this equipment.

Pass this orientation, or a checkout, and you’ll walk away with access privileges to independently operate our supported milling machines. This class is also a prerequisite for our upcoming Advanced CNC Mill trainings including our Feeds and Speeds Intensive for Lathe and Mill.

-ACCU II AC2v Knee Mill
-Grizzly G0751 Mill

-Eye protection
-No gloves of any kind
-Closed-toed shoes
-Tie back long hair
-No loose-fitting clothing
-Remove rings and all dangling jewelry

If this is your first class at The Facility please arrive by 5.30p for a short safety briefing and some paperwork.

Orientations start promptly at 6.00p.

This workshop will be help in person at: Monroe Hall, 6606 196th Street SW in Lynnwood.

In response to the ongoing pandemic Edmonds College is now a vaccinated campus. The Facility is requiring all in-person participants to be fully vaccinated. Masks are optional on site. After your visit, if you have a positive COVID-19 test please USE OUR CONFIDENTIAL LINK to make a report for contact tracing. Thank you for helping to keep this community safe.

This Orientation prepares you to safely perform basic operations on supported equipment. It is not intended to cover design concepts or comprehensive operation of this equipment. If you are interested in learning more about design or advanced equipment operation look for additional upcoming classes.

BEO Orientations at The Facility are open to anyone over 18 years old. Please feel free to pass this invitation on to others. Minimum enrollment of 3 people is required to hold the orientation.


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