Welding Rig // Lincoln MIG 140



Suitable for Beginner to Advanced Users

With straightforward 2 knob control our Lincoln Pro-MIG 140 Wire Feed Welding rigs will have you sticking metal together faster than you ever thought possible.

This welder is ideal for light to medium metal prototyping and/or fabrication projects. Our typical gas-shielded MIG setup is tailored to thin gauge steel. Weld 24 gauge up to 3/16″ sheet in a single pass. A forgiving arc with a wide 30-140 amp output range makes quick work of dialing in your settings for smooth starts with minimal spatter. Our rigs are set up on 3 shelf 1 cylinder mobile carts with MIG pliers, grinders, large and small magnetic angles, large and small locking clamps, and a sheet gauge. Pull a rolling shield into our Flex Space and set up one of our advanced 24″x26″ FabBlock fixture tables (or combine them into larger surfaces) and get that project done.

Our MIG rigs are set up to use .035 steel wire. Gas and wire consumables are included in your reservation cost. Note that changes to our standard setup require prior arrangements.

What are you waiting for? Take one of our MIG Welder Orientations or contact us to set up a Checkout, then use the calendar below to reserve your time and get to work.

Note that we are now a fully vaccinated campus and will be checking your vaccination status at the door. To book your time, click on the date you want to use the MIG welding rig (highlighted in green below) and select enough time to complete your project. Then check out through the shopping cart.


These machines are easy to set up for gasless flux-core welding when you need deeper penetration on thicker steel. With optional self-shielded wire you can weld up to 5/16″ sheet in a single pass. We also have a Magnum Pro 100sg aluminum spool gun for for welding aluminum. If you need these options please let us know in advance. Look for upcoming classes in advanced welding or check out our Welding Club.

Please Note: Rates and open hours shown are preliminary and subject to change without notice. All prices are based on a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) model. All members and guests are trained to operate equipment and work on projects independently.


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