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Suitable for Beginner through Advanced Users.

Laser Cutter/Engravers are the most popular piece of makerspace equipment worldwide. There aren’t many other pieces of equipment that offer so many opportunities with such a rapid learning curve.

If you are familiar with vector graphics programs like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW your design workflow can start immediately and our laser cutters are almost as easy to use as laser printers. The fact is, laser cutters were commercially available for a decade before we had laser printers. It’s a robust and well-established technology that’s now available directly to you.

Both our ULS Laser Systems have a generous processing bed (18”x32”) and can handle a wide variety of materials from wood to acrylic to fabric for cutting operations as well as glass for engraving operations. You have a lot of flexibility to get your job done. We print out of CorelDRAW, but you can create your design files in any program that exports to .dxf or .eps formats.

What are you waiting for? Take one of our Laser Cutter Orientations or schedule a Checkout, then use the calendar below to reserve your time and get to work.

Note that we are now a fully vaccinated campus and will be checking your vaccination status at the door. To book your time, click on the date you want to use the laser (highlighted in green below) and select enough time to complete your project. Then check out through the shopping cart.


Please Note: Rates and open hours shown are preliminary and subject to change without notice. All prices are based on a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) model. All members and guests are trained to operate equipment and work on projects independently.


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