Our Design Lab offers 6 computer workstations with all the software you need to turn your thoughts into things.

If you are comfortable with programs like Mastercam, Solidworks, or Rhino you’ll feel right at home. If you are just getting into CAD/CAM we have Fusion 360 set up on these workstations and encourage you to start there. You can set up a free account and dive into CAD with extensive online tutorials.

We are working on Intro to Digital Design classes that will get you up to speed in Fusion 360 for 2D and 3D projects.

Stay tuned.

– 6 Dell Precision 3620 workstations
– 6 Dell P2217H monitors
Internet access

Supported software is part of our regular training program. We are working on Digital Design classes for each of these. Stay tuned. You can feel free to ask questions about supported software and we’ll do our best to have answers.

– Fusion 360 (supported)
– V-Carve (supported)
– CorelDRAW (supported)

Unsupported software is available to use, but we do not intend to offer training nor are we prepared to answer questions.

– Rhino
– Solidworks
– Mastercam
– Microsoft Office
– Solitare

Please use all software as-is. We understand that those of you who are power users have probably customized your workspaces and made other adjustments to your personal setup. However, this is a shared space and we all rely on a consistent user interface to get our work done. If you must alter the interface, please return it to original conditions for the next user.

Use of the Design Lab is complementary for Members as well as any guests with a hourly Cover Charge. If you have an upcoming Tool Reservation please feel free to use the Design Lab to prepare your work.

Cover ChargeMembership

There are no Orientations or Checkouts required for the Design Lab. If you are interested in learning more about our supported software stay tuned for upcoming trainings.