Are you interested in cutting high tolerance projects in plastic and metal? Maybe you have a quick part you need to turn down or you want to make tooling or a fixture for another process. With access to our Machine Tech shop you’ll be cutting, facing, turning, and forming in no time.

When you are iterating prototypes or creating a custom fabrication, machining is a vital process when you need parts that fit together. Whether you are building assemblies, modifying existing parts, or developing products the ability to successfully operate Machine Tech equipment correctly and safely is an invaluable addition to your skillset.

Our Machine Tech shop is geared toward prototyping and fabrication. Your first steps into this technology will be in plastic but, with a little experience, you can move up to metals like aluminum. If you’d like to work in more complicated metals look for upcoming advanced intensive classes.

The Facility offers a few different machining options depending on your needs.
– Knee Mill (ACCU II AC2v, CNC Enabled)
– Manual Mill (Grizzly G0751 Heavy Duty Drill Press)
– Engine Lathe (Victor 1340GHE)

01 Get Cleared
To use equipment in the Machine Tech Shop you will need to take an Orientation or pass a Checkout. If you are new to this equipment, here are some of our upcoming Orientations.

If you already have significant experience with this equipment, contact us and we’ll do our best to get you to work as quickly as possible.


02 Settle Up
You can book time in the Machine Tech Shop with an hourly Cover Charge.

Cover Charge

Access to the Machine Tech Shop is currently complementary for members. Stop in to quickly process a part or spend an entire Second Saturday with us. Members come and go as you please. If you’re interested, check out your options.

The Machine Shop is currently operating on a first come, first served model. Typically there is plenty of room for you to work. Note that currently you will need to bring your own materials and they must be in new condition. No reclaimed or pre-used materials. Please check ahead of time if you have any questions.


We also have a HAAS TM1P Toolroom Mill. If you have significant experience with this type of equipment we are working on a vetting procedure to make it available to you. Please contact us if you are interested.