Are you interested in working with metal? Do you have brackets to fabricate, a product you’re prototyping, or maybe parts you need to prep and assemble? With access to our Metal Shop you’ll be cutting, forming, and fastening in no time.

Modern metalworking skills and tools have developed over centuries as a practical way to pursue a wide variety of projects at various scales from jewlery to architecture. Whether you are building structures or products, the ability to successfully operate basic metalworking equipment correctly and safely is an invaluable addition to your skillset.

Our metal shop is geared toward prototyping and fabrication. It’s a great place to experiment with techniques, get up to speed, or explore cnc technology.

We have a good complement of Metal Shop tools.
– Drill Presses
– Metal Bandsaw
– Horizontal Bandsaw
– Shear
– Brake
– Bench Grinder
– Angle Grinders
– Deburring
– Hand Tools

01 Get Cleared
To use equipment in the Metal Shop you will need to take an Orientation or pass a Checkout. If you are new to metalworking equipment please join us for an upcoming Metal Shop Orientation. Stay tuned.

If you already have significant experience with metalworking equipment, schedule a Checkout and get right to work. Use the button below to let us know what you are interested in and we’ll work to get you checked out on supported equipment as quickly as possible. The metal shop checkout typically takes about 20 minutes. We’ll share our shop safety requirements, you can show us what you know, and then you can get right to work. Note that restrictions will remain on any equipment you do not have experience with.


02 Settle Up
You can book time in the Metal Shop with an hourly Cover Charge.

Cover Charge

Access to the Metal Shop is complementary for members. Stop in for a quick sandblast or spend an entire Second Saturday with us. Members come and go as you please. If you’re interested, check out your options.

Metal Shop equipment is first come, first served. Typically there is plenty of room for you to work. You will need to bring your own materials. We do not have metal stock for sale. Please check ahead of time if you have any questions.

Please note that our upcoming general Metal Shop Orientation will not cover the Lathe or Mills in our Machine Tech area or the MIG Welders in our Flex Space. This equipment is already covered under separate orientations.

Our Waterjet Cutter will also be covered under a separate upcoming orientation. Stay tuned.