Composite Technology is revolutionizing a number of industries most notably for aerospace and other transportation applications.

Think of a composite as any material made from two or more distinct materials that, when combined, are better than those individual materials by themselves. Plywood and foam-core are technically composites. Concrete is the most commonly used composite on earth.

When we discuss Composite Technology, however, we typically mean fiber reinforcements in a polymer resin matrix. Whether these are glass or carbon fibers they are employed to solve problems where standard sheet goods are ill-suited, raise performance levels over traditional materials, and enable the development of new innovations.

If you have a project that’s a little less demanding than aerospace you’ll be surprised at how straightforward composites can be, how compliant they are to scaling, and how versatile composite processes can be applied to other projects.

If you want to dig into this revolutionary technology The Facility is the place to start. To the best of our knowledge, the Composites Lab at The Facility is the only public composites shop in the state and we can get you up to speed faster than you ever thought possible.

Want to dive into the world of composites? You can use composite materials or borrow composite techniques to move your project forward. The Facility has the equipment you need to get going.
– 10 Vacuum Bagging Stations
– Filament Winder
– Curing Oven

Our composite lab is also set up to help you get up to speed in a variety of other polymer related manufacturing technologies.
– 3 Vacuum Molding Units
– Rotational Molder

01 Get Cleared
To use equipment in the Composites Lab you will need to take an Orientation or pass a Checkout. If you are new to this equipment, here are some of our upcoming Orientations.

If you have experience, schedule a Checkout and get right to work.

Schedule a Checkout

02 Settle Up
Use of the Composites Lab is complementary for Members. Look into our membership options.

You can also schedule time in the Composites Lab with a nightly Cover Charge.

Cover Charge

Equipment in the Composite Lab is first come, first served. Typically there is plenty of room for you to work. Note that currently you will need to bring your own materials (fiber and resin). Some vacuum bagging consumables are available for purchase. Please check ahead of time if you have any questions.


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