Birch 1/4 inch


The Facility stocks thin Baltic Birch plywood primarily for use in our laser cutters.

Our Baltic Birch is light in color with a fine grain that laser cuts cleanly and produces high contrast etching. Each sheet offers exceptional stability and stiffness and can be finished with stains, paints, or other sealers to match your project needs. Faces may contain matched plugs and generally one face is cosmetically better. All dimensions are nominal.

Dimensions: 18” x 30”
Thickness: 1/4”
Grade: BB/BB

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The term “Baltic Birch” is a general designation for plywood made entirely from birch plies and typically originating from the Baltic states (Russia, Finland, etc.). The sheets we offer are thin enough to be used in laser cutting/etching operations.

We recommend Baltic Birch because there are no softwood inner plies and the individual plies are thinner allowing for more ply orientations in thin sheets. Additionally, front, back, and inner plies are one-piece sheets. These specifications result in improved stability and stiffness.


BB means these sheets are generally uniform in color with a limited number of plugs, splits, or cracks. Some color variations are allowed as are an unlimited amount of pin knots.

Our material is BB/BB which means both faces are relatively void free. At least one face is light and more even in color. This material may contain small patches, a slight knot pattern, or mineral streaks. Open knots and defects in a BB face veneer have been removed and replaced with small uniform ”football” patches before being glued up. The result is a strong plywood that is attractive enough to be used on a variety of projects.


Take a moment to scan through the sheets we have in stock and choose sheets that are appropriate for your project.

If you are doing etching and need a perfect face, make sure the sheet you select has at least one side free of footballs or other flaws. If you are making structural models and face quality is less important, please leave ideal sheets for other users who require perfect faces. This also goes for sheets that are slightly warped.

Note that these sheets are manufactured to metric standards. Our imperial thickness dimensions are nominal and material may be slightly undersized. If necessary, use a caliper to get accurate readings for laser system setup.

Glue in small interior voids may not cut at the same laser settings as clear wood.


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