Schedule a Checkout if you have significant previous experience and want to get to work as rapidly as possible.

If you’ve already mastered a tool or area there’s no need to spend two hours listening to a refresher. Book a Checkout and we’ll have you vetted to work on our equipment in about 20 minutes. The first 10 minutes will be spent getting you up to speed on our safety requirements and any general working agreement details. The last 10 minutes you’ll have a chance to demonstrate what you know.

When you book your checkout, please remember to let us know what equipment you’d like to be vetted on. You can do this during the order process in the Additional Information section under Order Notes (optional). This will let us know if we need to make any special arrangements.

Pass the checkout and you’ll walk away with access privileges to independently operate your chosen equipment. If you don’t pass the checkout you’ll need to pass an Orientation to use equipment. Note that a successful Checkout or Orientation is a required for tool use and will be a prerequisite for advanced equipment intensive classes.

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